In this moment

My mind is a blur
A blend of colours,
A scurry of images.
They have mixed and formed
a strange concoction-
a monotone, if you will.

Do you ever wonder,
the dreams that you dream,
the cares that you feel,
the pleasures that you desire,
the problems that you love
to think and to solve,
would one day dissolve?

Dissolve, but not disappear.
Only hard to identify
and attend to, one by one.
Or to just experience,
take them in.
To live!

It’s a bland solution.
No enticing aromas,
No enthralling textures.
I hope it would soon effervesce,
and the colours would emerge
brighter than ever.
Like a rainbow,only more abundant.

Photo Credit: Surreal Paintings by Joel Rea


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